Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What exactly is Recruitment?

A: Recruitment is the process of making active hires through the identification, screening, and placement of candidates.


Q: Who are Recruiters?

A: Recruiters are specialized experts who focus on finding qualified candidates for specific corporate roles.


Q: How do Recruiters work?

A: In-house recruiters are company employees who perform hiring and staffing functions, generally as part of a larger human resources or department.  External recruiters are outside individuals or firms that can be hired on a contract basis to fill corporate roles.


Q: What else does a Human Resource department do?

A: In most companies that have one, the human resource (or HR) department is in charge of internal functions pertaining to the employees themselves.  This can include staffing, payroll, and benefit responsibilities, as well as the general oversight of employee relations and worker performance and morale.


Q: Where can I learn more about Human Resources in general?

A: is an informative site that covers a broad range of topics and ideas/issues.


Q: What is a Temp Agency?

A: A temporary work agency (or temp agency, for short) is an employer of workers-for-hire, who can be contracted to work for companies in need of short- or long-term work.


Q: How do Temp Workers get paid?

A: Temps receive all compensation through their agency, which remains their employer.  Client companies sign contracts with the agency itself, which allows them to keep temp workers off of their general payroll, and saves them from having to provide the same benefits afforded to permanent employees.


Q: What type of company would benefit from using a Temp Agency?

A: Any company that experiences a highly variable work volume, or any company needing to quickly augment its workforce.


Q: What type of company would benefit from using an external Recruiter?

A: Any company that is looking to simplify its internal structure and functions by contracting out the hiring process to a specialized professional, or any company looking for the best access to a particular candidate pool.


Q: What is Outsourcing?

A: Outsourcing is a term that refers to the contracting out of work or business functions to external firms.


Q: What kind of work gets Outsourced?

A: Almost any business function can be hired out to an external source, but technical support (IT), marketing, and staffing are a few of the more common.


Q: What are the benefits of Outsourcing?

A: Outsourcing can provide a number of benefits, from cost-reduction to structural simplification to increased resource access.  The greatest benefit is generally the knowledge and expertise possessed by specialized firms.


Q: Where can I get more answers to Staffing-related questions?

A: The American Staffing Association maintains a large website that covers many broad topics concerning staffing, while NOLO offers more specific legal information concerning various aspects of human resources.